Buy A 5 lb Restoration Get A Free Cotton Clean

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Buy a 5 lb Restoration and get a free Cotton Clean! That’s right, it’s time to roll into more savings for 2016! Take advantage of this deal for a limited time only. Sale will end 2/14 which is only a week away! So don’t forget to stock up today and save!

Cotton Clean is a great product for washing linens on warm and not having to worry about stretching or shrinking! Restoration of course is a great complimentary product because it whitens and restores most linens!


Restoration Fabric Restorer can be used on most any textile.  Restoration contains no odor and contains no chlorine. Removes coffee, tea, blood, grape juice, ketchup and other hard to remove stains from the most delicate fabrics.  Removes yellowing caused by water damage, age, UV rays and even discolored fold lines!!

Restoration can also be used as an additive to your daily laundry for added stain removal, freshness and brightness, use 3 scoops per medium load. Do not leave solution in a closed container, it will continue to give off oxygen and may leak. Does not contain Acids, Chlorine or Phosphates.  Do not mix with chlorine bleach or other cleaning products. Keep out of reach of Children and Animals. Will not leave residue or harm fibers in any way!

Cotton Clean

Cotton Clean was developed due to an overwhelming complaint that was brought to our attention:

“Our customers wanted a laundry product that would allow them to wash their cotton textiles in warm water without causing the textile to shrink.”

Cotton Clean-Laundry Care is like no other laundry aid!  Many of our customers use Cotton Clean as theirONLY  laundry aid product. Also works great on grease and oil stains! No more shrinking or stretching!

Sweaters, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Jeans, Baby Clothes and so much more, can now be laundered in warm water without shrinking the fabric!