AIRX 75 Antibacterial Heavy Duty Cleaner


Is a multi-purpose hospital grade spray and wipe cleaner that kills germs faster! Not only is it a great cleaner but also a great odor counteractant thanks to the power of Airicide.


Airx 75 Antibacterial Heavy Duty Cleaner has the powerful ability to kill the Mycobaterium tuberculosis bacilli. Many quatenary disinfectant cleaners cannot meet this high standard! The problem with Mycobaterium is that the tuberculosis bacilli is protected by a tough shell that quatenary formulas cannot pierce. Airx 75 has superior penetration to break through that shell and destroy it!

Airx 75 Antibacterial Heavy Duty Cleaner is a ready to use spray & wipe cleaner,
that kills Parvo virus, TB bacillus and the Norwalk virus.

Airx 75 also kills a broad range of other Gram negative and positive bacteria, just like HIV 1 (AIDS virus) and pathogenic fungi. But it’s not just to guard against cross infection. The ability to penetrate the shell of the TB bacillus is indicative of its ability to penetrate and remove the worst stubborn soil.



Tech Sheet


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 13 in

1 gal.


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