AIRX 23 Odor Counteractant Spray


AIRX 23 is a super concentrated complex of natural perfumes and Airicide. Just a single spray erases even extreme airborne odors from a room 9′ x 12′ within seconds!


Has somebody left an especially foul odor in your toilet? Do you need something to get rid of tobacco smoke smell in the room? Clear your car of burger and onion odors or a kitchen lingering of fishy odors fast?

One spray of Airx 23 Super Strength Odor Counteractant Spray does the job of many! The pocket size AIRX 23 mini-sprayer is not only convenient for use by nurses and others with frequent need for an effective room deodorizer, but the super strength of the AIRX 23 formulation (with no propellant replacing active ingredients) beats the effectiveness of a typical twelve ounce aerosol room deodorizer!

Based on Commercial Airx® Technology it has been used in some of the most demanding of commercial environments such as hotel rooms, airplanes. care homes, clinics, hospitals, schools, nurseries, kennels, restaurants, gyms, locker rooms, leisure centers and even heavily used international airport toilets and rest rooms!

Developed by Scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Airx Technology attacks foul odors at the molecular level by modifying their geometry to change how these odors are recognized within the nose! It features a unique control valve for a measured ultra fine mist spray. Airx 32 is economical, each 30 ml bottle contains approximately 150 measured sprays!

Safe and environmentally friendly!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 x 1.25 x 4 in

1 oz.


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