Stay Clean Anti Soiling Carpet Cleaner


It’s the sticky residue left by ordinary cleaners that promotes re-soiling.  The Stay Clean Anti Soiling Carpet Cleaner won’t let soil stick to carpet fibers. The Surfactant/Solvent Blend is a unique combination for optimum penetration, lifting, suspension and removal of all types of soil.



Stay Clean Anti Soiling Carpet Cleaner is a complex of modern surfactants blended with safe to use solvents for professional carpet cleaning. As a liquid the carpet cleaner is unique in its ability to absorb the worst of soil. As it dries it converts to crystals that won’t stick to carpet fibers and soil won’t stick to them because the crystals are transparent. The carpet doesn’t need to be vacuumed immediately after cleaning. Thus eliminating a time consuming step.

Just better cleaning

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32 oz, 1 gal


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